Friday, January 13, 2012

It's official - I am a 22 year old Brace Face.

As I'm sure most of you already know, looking in the mirror is not fun anymore.

My appointment was this morning at 9:30 and I was at the dentist's office for about 3 hours. I had to have another one of those crazy wires put on the roof of my mouth so cementing that in took a good chunk of time. Then after the cementing of the bands (which, btw, is horrible because of the terrible taste of that stuff!) she went ahead and cemented on each bracket, then did the wire and the ligatures. I was mostly bored.

I don't feel a lot of pressure on my teeth as of yet, though my four front bottom teeth are a little tender. I know I'll wake up tomorrow and be in a bunch of pain, but it will be worth it!

Here are a few pictures:

Day One. I cannot WAIT for them to start moving so they don't look so horrific. 

and there's a smile for you.

I don't feel as upset about this as I thought I would. They're on and I'm doing this for myself and I'm lucky and grateful to be able to have my smile corrected. I think my biggest fear is people seeing me. I haven't told many people because I don't like talking about it. But now I don't have a choice. I think the initial panic will subside quickly, I just can't wait for it to happen. 

My biggest fear is telling this guy I've been seeing who has absolutely no idea. I hope all goes well!

Until next time,


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